October 7 19:00

Christian von Borries. MOCRACY - NEVERLAND IN ME, 2011, 76 min, premiere

Since the 1980s, this world has been characterized by four developments: the growth of political democracy, the growth of Online Democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy. 
MOCRACY examines consumerism, capitalism, oppression, misery rule and the help industry. People become a mass ornament, architecture a tuning tool for societies, self optimizing in file. 
Charity is the other side of democracy, while democracy appeares as a lifestyle option for the rich. 
Michael Jackson is the soundtrack of the neoliberal 80s, a choreography of democracy. 
The film itself is imitating democracy in a nutshell, representing failing polyphony. In this sense, MOCRACY is a musical journey through Kasachstan, Kosovo, Pyonyong, Detroit and Berlin, a neverland, the utopia of a non-place, where the film clip serves as a misappropriation of the individual torso. 

October 11 17:00

Renzo Martens, Episode I, Episode III: Enjoy Poverty

17.00 Screening; 19.00. Discussion
Renzo Martens presents his films Episode I, and Episode III: Enjoy Poverty, and joins in discussion with Ekaterina Degot on the ethical position of the artist and/or documentalist.

October 12 19:00

Political Critiques and Public Discourse

Self-Publishing and Self-Organization. Discussion with KP, Chto delat, Free Marxist Publishing House (Kirill Medvedev), others.

October 13 19:00

Learning Film Group

Learning Film Group. Russian Sounds, 2011. Learning Film Group (Nikolai Oleinikov, Sonya Akimova, Pavel Arsenev and Dmitry Vilensky) meet the public to talk about the making of their newest film. more »

October 14 19:00

Artur Żmijewski

Screening. Artur Żmijewski will screen his film “Them” and will answer questions about his artistic practice, his understanding of radicalism, on the boundaries of art and social engagement.

October 15 19:00

Artur Żmijewski, Pavel Arsenev, Krytyka polityczna, Ivan Brazhkin, Ilya Budraitskis, Olga Egorova, Pavel Mikitenko, and Dmitry Vilensky

Discussion. Artur Żmijewski joins Pavel Arsenev, Krytyka polityczna, Ivan Brazhkin, Ilya Budraitskis, Olga Egorova, Pavel Mikitenko, Dmitry Vilensky and Mara Traumane in a panel discussion on the perspectives and problems of activism through art. Moderator: David Riff.

October 16 19:00

Closing party


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