September 20 19:00

Approaches to Post-Communist Urban Space

Presentation of work by students participating in the workshops. Mini-vernissage.

September 23 17:00

Monster events. Potentials and Pitfalls.

Iosif Bakstein, Ilya Budraitskis, Sergei Guskov, Zbigniew Libera, Nikolai Oleinikov, David Riff, Anastasia Ryabova, Sergey Ogirya and other meet to discuss the contradictions of big exhibitions like the Moscow Biennial.

 Moderators – Ekaterina Lazareva, Andrey Parshikov Language of the discussion: Russian with English translations

September 24 17:00

Artist as a Radical Outsider, Zbigniew Libera

Zbigniew Libera joins in discussion with Ekaterina Degot on the fine line between cynicism and subversive affirmation in addressing public taboos, and how to be radical today.

September 25 15:00

Marxism Today, Phil Collins

Marxism Today. Phil Collins will screen his film Marxism Today: Prologue (2010), and will later join in discussion with Ekaterina Degot, David Riff, Dmitry Gutov, Vlad Sofronov, and others on the pervasive legacy of dialectical materialism and its changing role under post-socialist conditions.

September 26 19:00

Sergei Bratkov

Sergei Bratkov will premiere new video and photo works, and join in conversation with Ekaterina Degot about Moscow today.

September 27 16:00

The Golden Mile

Artist Yakov Kazhdan will screen his work in progress The Golden Mile, a film in which he is researching the subjective implications of the ultra-rapid gentrification that has taken place in the area surrounding Auditorium Moscow’s exhibition venue.

September 28 19:00

Die Leere Mitte

(1998) is an early film by Hito Steyerl that shows the flipside of gentrification as it sweeps through cities and the dense but vacant spaces left by history. David Riff will introduce this classic of activist filmmaking and ask whether Steyerl’s narrative of Potsdamer Platz could somehow be related to the changes on Moscow’s Golden Mile.

September 29 19:00

The Birmingham Ornament

(2011). Auditorium Moscow will premiere the newest parts of this work in progress by artist Yuri Leiderman and filmmaker Andrei Silvestrov. “Overall, the film’s is to make ethnicities, politics, races and nations turn into non-existent objects... – ...akin to ovals, boxes, blobs, wardrobes!” The makers of this film will join in conversation with Ekaterina Degot.


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